Web Application Development

Customised Web Solutions

Our team of dedicated web developers have participated in application development projects ranging from simple eCommerce application development for small/medium enterprises, to complex intranet web applications for corporations.

Custom web applications bring websites to life. From lead generation tools to content management, you can turn your Website into a valuable business tool. Infinity can develop an application from the ground up, providing you with exactly what you need, not just what we have available. And because we use standard technologies, any custom web application we develop is guaranteed to work with your existing systems.

Infinity helps clients achieve their business goals by designing, building, integrating and supporting mission-critical web applications and systems.

Everything about your organization is important. Everything that is important to you must be reflected in the communication we design and deliver on your behalf.

Our team thrives on challenges and is able to find innovative, reliable solutions to the most complex of your business problems. We have not seen it all, but our experience ensures we can avoid the pitfalls and complete your project within time and budget. We look forward to discussing your needs and adding you to our list of satisfied clients.

Dynamic Websites

Our web developers are specialize in developing dynamic database (MSSQL, MySQL, MS ACCESS) driven websites using CFM (Cold Fusion), PHP, Microsoft ASP, JAVA, J2EE-JSP, Servlets, etc.and ASP.NET technology.

Custom programming and programming development in CFM (Cold Fusion), JAVA, JSP, ASP, PHP programming language you require for any type of web site and all types of programming functions. From simple scripting to complex database application, our programmers can provide you with the application you need in a timely manner and an affordable programming hourly rate

In other words, our web developers can create websites and applications that are capable of searching and sorting a database to find products, services, prices and other information.

Internet / Intranet Portals

In order to create a strategic advantage, companies need to access critical information from anywhere, at anytime. By integrating Internet technology, we can help you create a corporate portal to serve as a foundation for your corporate knowledgebase, project or document management system, decision support system, business-to-business extranet and more.

Intranet extranet applications make it easier for users to access the data and information they need to increase productivity. Organizations can realize an immediate return on their investment by streamlining and automating workflow, collecting information on-line, reporting on data from multiple independent systems and managing content and documents efficiently.

Each and every business has ways where an intranet or extranet application can streamline communication. From on-line project management, status and reporting, to extending on-line content and document authoring for multiple branch offices while using centralized data management..

Internet / Intranet Portals

We provide custom shopping cart website for our client. We program and design the carts as per needs and requirements of particular business. Our job is not only to give you a program but to increase the efficiency of your business by applying different kind of e –business strategies. What you get from us is perfect solution for your business needs. The standard shopping cart for small business” includes under mentioned features:

The home page will have professional look and search engine friendly, no crowded content and usability. We will submit 2 different layouts (Look n feel) and you have to select one from them. After getting your approval, we will design inside pages according to selected color scheme & will add all under mentioned shopping cart features.

1 - Complete shopping cart with easy navigation on website pages.

2 - Complete Web Based Control from your browser for Administrator.

3 - Real-time Credit card transaction or non-credit card e-commerce

4 - Create an unlimited number of categories

5 - Create an unlimited number of sub-categories

6 - Add unlimited number of Products

7 - Modify/delete category, sub category, product anytime.

8 - Accepts thumbnails and enlarged images for each product

9 - Related product for cross selling.

10 -You can set priority for category, subcategory and product. Three type of shipping UPS, Value and Quantity. Add unlimited number of shipping for any type.

11 - You can add State Tax from AMI. (Admin Management Interface). It will be added automatically in the shopping cart. Opt in e-mail management. You can send promotional email to your sites subscribers and the clients.

12 - Customer master for customer’s data.

13 - All orders complete details & sales report

14 - There is a feature named as grab special offer. It's to highlight the website's special products.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our team can set-up your Internet payment gateways with shopping cart for online processing of credit cards. No more to wait for payments and checks. Just let us know your payment gateway company and our team will set it with your website. Online shopping is increasing at a very fast pace. Better be safe to get your cash and then ship the order. We can integrate your Storefront with any Payment Gateway of your choice. To name some of them are Authorize.net, Verisign, goMerchant.com, Fast Transact, Pay Ready, SecuerPay, Bluepay.com, Skipjack.com, Cr.cybercash, LinkPoint, iBill, 2checkout, VCScheck.com and PayPal. We provide a customized integration process which allows you to accept Payments from your Customers and Sub-Resellers using any Internet Payment Gateway of your choice. Our module seamlessly integrates with the Payment Gateway.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines contain billions of HTML pages in their databases. When a user performs a search, the search engine must not only filter a set of pages that are relevant to the query, but also rank them from best to worst. Since it is impractical for Search Engines to use human reviews for the sheer volume of the databases, they rely on programmed algorithms to analyze & rank pages. So this step is very essential part in web development.

To obtain maximum search engine rankings, it is essential to understand how your target audience is searching for information via search engines. When your potential visitors & customers use search engines like Google & Yahoo to find products & online services, they type a set of words or phrases, commonly called keywords or keyword phrases into the search box.

We apply White Hat SEO work to obtain cosistent, regular & desired result, so that we customer can explore their Ebusiness in this competitive Internet Era.