Industrial Training :


Getting the right (fit) human resource is the biggest challenge for any industry. Skilled manpower is scarce and we help groom the professionals from classrooms to the battlefield.

We bridge this gap between the Industrial need and what the School/ College curriculum produces. The Engineering and Professional graduate programs in India generally include summer/ vocational training to make them more employable.

We help trainees relate the academic lessons with the real life business situations. Trainees work directly with their Team Coordinators and other staff. They are exposed to real projects and work alongside the working professionals and they are exposed to dealing with clients. Our Training best suit to following:

  • Graduates (B.Tech/B.C.A )
  • MBA Students
  • Post-Graduates (MCA/MSC-Computer Science

Mode of delivery: Online Classes and Training Modules with regular VC with project teams. One to one chat and group chat facilities.

All the training courses have been redesigned for online delivery, Post COVID-19 pandemic.

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